Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yakimochi Ice Cream

We had this dessert at Gyu Kaku in Waikiki a couple weeks ago and it was amazing. We decided to recreate it for our Asian dinner party on Friday. Some people were a little weirded out by the mochi (it might be an acquired taste) but everyone agreed that it was quite fancy. Most people really liked it. Three stars.

Vanilla ice cream (we like Breyer's vanilla bean)
Maple syrup (splurge on the good stuff)
Mochi*, cut into small pieces about the size of a small piece of gum (think Orbit gum)

Place the pieces of mochi on the grill or a frying pan on the stove at medium heat. Let cook until they start to turn golden brown and puff up like marshmallows. Serve with vanilla ice cream and drizzle the whole shebang with maple syrup.

*Confession: I didn't make our mochi and have never had occasion to. A Japanese friend of my family always gives us tons at the start of every year. But there are excellent recipes all over the web. It's pretty easy to make. You can buy mochi flour at any Asian market. And you might be able to buy pre-made mochi at Asian markets, but I haven't checked.

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