Friday, May 16, 2008


I am constantly looking for good ideas of what to have for dinner. I thought this could be a place where I could post good recipes I find and hopefully where you could post good recipes you find. Or actually they don't even have to be good; Every day (or week) I am going to post the recipes that I made for dinner and rate them, put how I thought they could have been better etc. I invite you to do the same. If you would like to contribute let me know! We'll see how it goes. If it totally flops, then eh...oh well!

Let's see. On all your recipes put where you go the recipe from, what you served it with and of course, your star rating and whatever thoughts you had.

Only put recipes that you made within the last week on here. Even if you have great recipes in a recipe book somewhere, this is literally supposed to be "what I had for dinner last night" kind of stuff. I am putting a couple from the last week on here to get us started. Anyway, hope you will contribute if you want to. If not I will try hard to not be offended.


Ralphie said...

You and food.


Janssen said...

You and food.


(hahahahahah. Also, how many stars is it out of?)

Kristi said...

Four. I think. What do you think?