Friday, May 16, 2008

Star Scale

4 stars **** = Amazing. Will be served when I have guests over and want to impress them.

3 stars *** = REALLY good. Look forward to nights when this is served. Must add to rotation.

2 stars ** = Pretty good. Don't mind eating it. May put it on regular rotation, may not.

1 Star * = meh.

0 Stars = Ewwww

-1 Star -* = What is this, poison?

And of course you can give half stars if it falls between categories.

Also, you should leave a comment if you try someone else's recipe. That would be nice of you. Unless it gets a -1 star, then it would be really kind of mean and maybe you should keep your dang opinions to yourself, jerk.


Melissa Ash said...

Can I contribute? How do I do it? My email is

This is a fun idea!

Sheyenne said...

Okay, now I'm gonna have to rate some stuff -1 stars just to see if you'll call me a jerk to my face!