Friday, June 6, 2008


Kristi called for posts! So here's the only thing I've really made this week beside cold cereal and oatmeal (Aaron's been out of town and I dislike cooking for just me).

I love smoothies but always had trouble figuring out exactly the right ratio of ingredients. I always thought that you couldn't screw up a smoothie. But trust me, you can. I've finally figured it out and I will now share it with you. Even though I'm sure everyone else in the world knows how to make a decent smoothie.

1 cup yogurt (I like vanilla Dannon light and fit)
1/2 cup juice (I like cranberry)
1/2 cup ice
1/2 cup fresh or frozen fruit (current favorite: frozen blackberries)

We have a magic bullet (best. invention. ever) and this recipe just fits in one of the larger (16 oz, I think?) cups and makes the perfect single serving smoothie. I've made with tons of different fruit and juice combos and it comes out tasty every time.


Gretchen said...

IMO the secret to a good smoothie is a base of predominantly vanilla soy milk. Then add some kind of frozen fruit. Tada! Yogurt can make it tart enough that it's hard to overcome without adding sugar I think. But to each his own...

Kristi said...

Smoothies are the best! They saved my life last year. I did learn to love them with the soy milk, but I am game to any and all smoothies so I am going to try to make your version, yum!