Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recipe Exchange

Not really a recipe, but some good advice.

I am an avid www.allrecipes.com user, I recently discovered a tool on that site that has changed my life.

From the main page click on the "recipe exchange" link. This is a forum where people can request recipes, etc. First of all, I think there are like hundreds of women who sit on the site and wait for questions to be asked because every time I ask a question I get about ten responses in about ten minutes, it's amazing. I love it. Some of the questions I've asked...

"What's a quick healthy lunch?"

"I have a ton of mushrooms and a ton of spinach, what are your favorite recipes that use those?"

"I really like this recipe (link to recipe for santa fe veggie wraps)...what's your favorite similar recipe"

I ask a question like this and then ten minutes later I have a weekly menu all lined up, and I didn't even have to do anything hard.

Sometimes I scroll through and see what other questions people ask. Some people ask things like "what is your favorite recipe ever" and then there are 200 responses of the best recipes ever, it's so awesome. Go try it.

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julianne orth said...

i will try it for sure, I always have stupid questions that i don't know who to ask-thanks!!