Sunday, September 28, 2008

Refrigerate After Opening

The other night I pulled out my Cool-Whip from the fridge to serve with an awesome dessert Janssen brought over (hmmm, maybe she will post the recipe....). All of my guests were puzzled by the fact that I store Cool-Whip in the fridge. Is that weird? One time I accidentally kept it in the freezer and dang, it was good. I thought, however, that you were supposed to keep it in the fridge. Then I read on the package "keep frozen". My whole world shifted. Who knew?

It begs an interesting question though. What do you do with those "questionable items" that no one knows if they should be refrigerated or not. Like say....vinegar? Soy Sauce? Worcester? I'm just curious. I keep my vinegars on the shelf. I hope you will still eat at my house!


Gretchen said...

I didn't think you were weird, but then again, I've never bough Cool Whip before.

I keep vinegar and soy sauce in my pantry, so if everyone else shuns our "gross" ways, at least we'll have each other! (Ooh, but as a side note: Did you realize you don't need to refrigerate ketchup? Tastes SO much better at room temp. On the other hand, we use so little at our house that it starts tasting old before it's gone if I don't refrigerate it. But yah, if you'll use it up within a few months, then it doesn't need to be refrigerated!)

Jules said...

So that is why the cool whip is always in the frozen section!! That never even occured to me and I always keep it in the fridge and think I even have one right now- though to be fair (and not as gross) I only buy it if I am using it for something specific (Seth likes chocolate pies w/cool whip) and so I don't save it in the fridge for years or anything.

And my vinegar soy sauce etc are all in the pantry. My ketchup would be a pantry dweller too, but usually lives in the fridge because before Logan it almost never got used.

Jessica said...

I'm not sure there's any logic to my methods, but:

Cool Whip: Freezer
Soy sauce: Fridge
Worcestershire: Fridge
Ketchup: Fridge (even though I can't stand cold ketchup)

Now that I think about it, all my savory condiments are in the fridge.

Sheyenne said...

I'm the same as Jessica. I try to store cool whip in the fridge but I use it so infrequently that whenever I've tried to use it later it's always moldy. If it's not moldy, I'll eat it. So into the freezer it goes.

Janssen said...

soy sauce in the fridge, vinegar in the pantry.

Cool Whip in the freezer :)