Monday, September 22, 2008

Garlic pizza sauce

Papa Murphy's has this delicious pizza.... "Veggie Delite" that we love and since I still have like a hundred pounds of mushrooms I decided I would make my own instead of buying a Papa Murphy's one. I did some searching to figure out how to make the sauce and it turned out great, and it would be good on any sort of garlic chicken pizza too.

The recipe I found was

3 C ranch dressing

2 Tbs garlic

That's it. And since I wasn't making a hundred pizzas I just did 3/4 C ranch dressing and 2 Tbs garlic (we really like garlic). It's weird because having had the pizza before I never realized it was a ranch dressing based sauce, but it is and it tastes de-lish after baking.

For our pizza I topped with mozzerella cheese, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, grilled chicken and spinach. Though I haveb to say I don't really know how to do spinach on a pizza-- do you cook it before or put it on raw? I cooked it and it kind of made things soggy, but I think it would just burn if you put it on raw. So if you cook it to put on your pizza drain it really really really well and pat it dry and stuff. Luckily I only put spinach on half of the pizza (that's foresight for you), so only half was soggy : )

Also, are you still buying garlic cloves and chopping them up? You need to get prepackaged minced garlic. They sell the one pictured here for about $4 at costco, sooooo worth it.


Robin said...

We made pizza last week with fresh baby spinach on top. I put it in one of the deeper layers of the toppings :), and it didn't burn. It cooks up right nice.

How long does the costco garlic last that comes in the big container?

chou said...

Sounds good, even though I am, in theory, opposed to ranch dressing.

Robin--they dump some preservatives into the garlic (something to make it acidic and prevent bacterial growth, specifically) that should extend the shelf life a fair amount.

Sheyenne said...

Papa Murphy's just puts it on raw. Tastes great when cooked and the spinach doesn't burn at all.