Monday, June 21, 2010

Finnish Pasty

Here is a tutorial I made for my brother who wanted to learn how to cook our old family favorite recipe. It is called pasty and my great grandmother used to make it and we continue to make it as a family.
We always make it for special occasions.

I read "What's Cooking" but rarely contribute.  I thought I would share this recipe for you all.

I normally dice my onions for the recipe, but my brother wanted them big so he could pick them off if he wanted. 

Click HERE to see the recipe.

My husband likes this with ketchup or BBQ sauce, although I only eat it with butter and salt.  It is a simple recipe, but has good ol' meat and potato flavor.


Kristi said...

Whoa I think my brain just imploded....this is the Jen of "baby blvd" right? You make the cutest fabric flower baby bows? I totally ordered some of your bows! I am just totally confused about how you know about this blog? Are you Julianne's friend? So confused, but so excited to make the connection : )

This Pasty looks delicious, I'll for sure be trying it!

Jen said...

Yes, I am Julianne's friend. How funny to make that connection! It is a small world. I hope you liked the bows you got :) I like this blog and love to try new recipes! There have been a bunch of recipes I have tried from here and loved and a lot more I want to try. Thanks for making the connection! It is always fun to find a new blog friend :)

Gina said...

I'm planning on making this in the next couple of days, but I was wondering... it doesn't call for any seasoning. Is it like really great w/o seasoning or could it afford some parsley, or pepper, or something? My husband's mom is Finnish and he does NOT love her cooking, so I hesitate to make this if it's anything like his mom's cooking (LOL). But seriously, it looks delish and I *want* to make it, just need to make sure the pasty is tasty.

julianne orth said...

I made this and it was really good, i added a little salt and pepper though..

Jen said...

This is a recipe that my family always talks about all the things we could add to it... but we never do :) I add salt and butter to it and that's it. Only because it is an old family recipe. My husband likes ketchup with it. You can add any spice you think would make it more flavorful :)