Monday, May 16, 2011

RIP What's Cookin!

When I started this post, it was about 11:50PM on Monday, May 16, 2011. What's really ironic about that is that the first post on "What's Cookin" was posted at around 8AM on Friday, May 16, 2008. Happy third birthday little blog!

I really didn't think this blog would take off. It started mostly as a way to compensate for living so far away from my dear friend Laurie. She and I were seventh grade locker partners, and then when we were both new moms (to girls born four days apart) we were neighbors and on our daily walks together I would invariably ask what she was making for dinner. So I started this little blog, to ask everyone out there what they were making for dinner.

And it never really took off in the same way that I had envisioned it would. But I loved it. I loved trying new things and sharing them with my friends. And I got just enough comments and compliments to fuel my fire and keep me going through the times when I wondered if anyone was still listening.

I am not an amazing cook. Just a mom, trying to feed her kids things that are good, and good for them. And when I started this process I am not even sure I really loved to cook. I didn't mind it, but it certainly wasn't a passion. But kind of is. I love trying new things, and most of all, I love making people smile, and the best way I can do that is to plop a tasty meal in front of them.

Anyway, this is all a long way of saying that I am shutting down "itwasamazing". But....don't fear, I've been in the works of creating something better -- well, if not better in theory at least better looking :) Kayla, over at FrecklesinApril was kind enough to put together a redesign for my blog, and with that it has a new name, Lemon Glaze. I like lemons, I like glaze, and mostly I wanted yellow in my color scheme, so it worked : ) (and also almost ever other single bingle blog name I tried was taken :).

Anyway. I will certainly leave this blog up and if anyone wants to throw recipes up on here they are more than welcome. But I will be doing my posting over on lemonglaze.

Thanks for three good years and hundreds of good recipes!

I promise, you will want to come visit lemonglaze. It's so much prettier! Oh and also my finest recipe I have ever made is over there, these delicious Liege Waffles....they. were. amazing.

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Amanda said...

oh sad! I come to this blog EVERY time I need a meal idea, and I have certain recipes I always come back to. So please keep this one up so I can come back and look:), I'm excited for the new blog though!